Importance of a Credit Report and Reasons to Seek Financial Counselling

Your financial history is influential in most of your activities. For example, you need a credit report to get financial assistance to buy assets such as a car or a house. The lending institution will require proof of your ability to meet the repayment terms. Your history will caution them about your repayment abilities, especially if you do not have the financial power to do so (such as when you are declared bankrupt). With a financial record indicating that you are capable of repaying the loan, the bank or another creditor will not shy away from assisting you. It is Read More →

Finance Guru | Enjoy Peace Of Mind With 3 Money-Clever Strategies For Buying Home Insurance

Home insurance typically covers costs related to any damage to your home in the unlikely event of a burglary or natural calamity –– helping you enjoy peace of mind in case something goes awry. This commentary is designed to help you with some money-clever strategies, so that you choose what’s best for your personal situation. Establish The BAL Level Of Your Local Region For The Right Cover Australia is well known for its bushfires during hot summers, but many homeowners overlook this aspect when taking out home insurance. This essentially means that their home isn’t covered in a situation where Read More →

Depreciation of Technology Assets in Small Business

Technology can be a valuable tool for small businesses. Technology helps them to perform tasks more quickly and efficient. By their nature technology assets can often become quickly outdated and need to be replaced more often than physical assets and for this reason depreciation for technology assets is usually quicker than for physical assets.  Immediate deduction For small businesses assets that cost less that $20,000 can be immediately and fully deducted in the first year if the business has a turnover of less than $2 million per year. This can be a great option for items such as computers, tablets Read More →