Depreciation of Technology Assets in Small Business

Technology can be a valuable tool for small businesses. Technology helps them to perform tasks more quickly and efficient. By their nature technology assets can often become quickly outdated and need to be replaced more often than physical assets and for this reason depreciation for technology assets is usually quicker than for physical assets.  Immediate deduction For small businesses assets that cost less that $20,000 can be immediately and fully deducted in the first year if the business has a turnover of less than $2 million per year. This can be a great option for items such as computers, tablets Read More →

What Does Your Insurance Broker Look for in Your Risk Profile?

One of the key factors your insurance broker considers is the risk factor level you bring to the policy. A prime example of this would be if you come in with a previous cancer diagnosis and want to purchase a life insurance policy. Your risk factor or level in this case would be higher than someone who has no history of cancer and wants the same policy. Your health record may not be the only contributing factor when your insurance broker considers your risk profile. Here are a few more factors they consider and what you need to know about Read More →